When it comes to marketing your business, there are many avenues you can take. From social media, email campaigns and even direct mail. However, there is one type of print marketing material that has proven to be extremely effective – promotional materials. Printed promotional materials, also known as promo merchandise, are an affordable and highly effective way to reach your target audience with your message and brand.

Whether you are planning a trade show, an open house or a company retreat, your first step in reaching the public is to create or update your promotional literature. The most common types of printed promotional materials are flyers, pamphlets and brochures. The following three printing methods will help you achieve the level of print quality and engagement that your company needs:

A brochure is the flagship piece of promotional literature. Unlike the simpler flyers and pamphlets, brochures feature high-quality images and well-written text that promote a company’s products and services in an enticing way. They can be produced as a single, folded sheet or as multiple sheets bound together in booklet form.

Brochures are often used as sales tools by organizations to entice potential clients and investors. They are typically distributed by salespeople after initial contact has been made with a potential customer.

Printed promotional items are one of the most effective forms of marketing for both baby boomers, Gen Xers and millennials. According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), more than 80 percent of people who receive promotional products remember the company that provided them, and 83 percent are likely to do business with that company in the future.

Research by PPAI shows that consumers keep and use promotional products that are functional, fun or trendy. And of all the promotional products, bags — tote bags, shopping bags, lunch bags and backpacks — are among the most popular.

Adding digital elements to your promotional materials can increase the impact and effectiveness of your print marketing. For example, a QR code can direct recipients to your website, provide a discount code or unlock other special offers.

Another way to improve the impact of your printed promotional materials is by incorporating a personalized message or a call to action. This can be as simple as a direct response to the recipient’s questions or a call to action for them to follow you on social media. Working with a reputable Orlando print shop can make it easier to produce and deliver personalized letters and postcards. This ensures that your customers will always be receiving the latest version of your marketing message. This will keep your promotional materials fresh and your brand recognition high.