There are several different legal issues that a father may need assistance with in the family law arena. These include establishing paternity, fighting to retain custody or visitation rights, objecting to adoption, or challenging the termination of parental rights. A lawyer specializing in fathers’ rights can assist with all of these matters and more.

In general, the courts in family law cases have a propensity to favor mothers, even though this has been changing for years. This is especially true in cases of unmarried children or where the mother is receiving government benefits. A seasoned attorney who has a background in family law can work tirelessly to ensure that a father’s rights are protected.

A father who is seeking time sharing or custody with his child may need to prove that he has a strong bond with the child. This is often difficult to do, especially when the mother opposes the father’s relationship with the child. An experienced family attorney can help to ease the process and ensure that both parents are given equal opportunity to bond with the child.

It is also important for a father to be aware that he will most likely be required to pay child support in order to maintain his rights to the child. This is usually the case when he and the child’s mother were not married. This is an unfortunate fact that is the result of existing societal beliefs and perceptions on gender roles. A knowledgeable and skilled family attorney can help to ease the process of paying child support and can explain the details of a state’s support formula.

The voluntary or involuntary termination of parental rights can be a complex legal issue that varies from state to state. A qualified fathers rights lawyer will be able to guide a client through the process, helping them to secure a favorable ruling. In some situations, the termination of a parent’s rights is necessary due to incarceration, drug abuse, child neglect or abandonment, or other factors that can affect a parent’s ability to care for their children.

Finding the best Father?s Rights Attorney can be a daunting task, but it is essential for anyone who wishes to keep their parental rights. The right attorney will be able to provide valuable legal guidance and representation that can lead to a successful outcome for a client’s case. Contact one of our experienced attorneys today to get started. We offer free initial consultations to all potential clients. We look forward to speaking with you soon!